Vern began his descent into circus freakdom as a child when he taught himself to juggle at the age of 12. After squandering 4 years on a degree from the University of Massachusetts, he got down to business and began to devote himself to circus arts in the small town of Arcata, CA in 2002. Since then Vern has performed with the Humboldt Circus Society (Arcata CA), toured on a vegetable oil powered school bus with Circo Mutante (Berkeley CA), performed and toured with the Dream Science Circus (Bellingham, WA), and was a founding member of the Out of Hand Jugglers (Brattleboro, VT). He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he works with Circus Momentus as a performer and technical director. He also loves to teach circus arts, and has done so with kids and adults throughout the country and abroad.


Vern performs solo and as part of Circus Momentus. He specializes in juggling, partner acrobatics, stilting, and the unsupported ladder. In addition to stage shows, Vern particularly enjoys roaving entertainment at festivals, corporate functions, and other events; enthralling children and adults alike with close up skills and elaborate costumes.


Even more than performing, Vern enjoys sharing the joy of circus arts. Workshops in juggling & partner acrobatics build confidence by showing people that they can do things that they never before thought possible. They're also just plain fun! Vern has taught workshops and classes in with the Power of Hope, the Dream Science Circus, the School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts in Seattle, and Circus Smirkus in Vermont. He has also taken his workshop on the road with the New Old Time Chautauqua. As part of a larger South America tour, he lived in Cochabamba, Bolivia for 3 months, where he worked with underprivilidged youth at two NGOs: Performing Life Bolivia and Educar es Fiesta.